Tutorial: Advanced installation of Suman

Advanced installation of Suman

As many experienced Node.js and NPM users may know, global modules present several problems to developers.

=> One of the biggest problems is that the global module version may differ from the local one.

Furthermore, when using NVM and switching between Node.js versions, we may lose sight of globally installed packages which we may depend on for command-line tooling etc.

One solution to this problem is to avoid installing packages globally altogether, and Suman is designed to handle this.

Follow these steps.

npm install -D suman@latest (in your project root)

and now the suman command line is available with ./node_modules/.bin/suman

in order to install properly, please then use ./node_modules/.bin/suman --init

and now, if you want to get fancy, put the following line in your .bash_profile or .bashrc (or whatever, if you zsh, etc)

 alias suman = "TBD"

Now, even if you switch Node versions with NVM, $ suman will still be available.